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Josh Johnson

General Manager
Director of Business Development

Josh Johnson is a Rochester native with 12+ years of experience in commercial facilities maintenance. He started his facilities journey as a maintenance technician at a small, 72 room hotel, 12 years ago. Since then, he moved to a much larger campus, where he directed the facility operations of four hotels, over 1,000 guest rooms, dozens of leasing tenant spaces, multiple restaurants and kitchens, and one million square feet of general property.  Josh enjoys working with people, including both clients and contractors.

Jacob Westergard

Director of Facility Operations

Jake Westergard is an award winning “Maintenance Supervisor of the Year” recipient twice over from the Minnesota Multi Housing Association and has 17- plus years of experience across multi-family and commercial building maintenance and facility management expertise. His experience includes work with a wide variety of projects, from design-build flips to historical properties to enhance value.

Rick Karow

Regional Manager, Multi Family/Commercial Expert

Since 2007, Rick has served as a Senior Property Manager for a variety of commercial assets. Rick has 30 plus years experience owning, operating, and consulting for facility services and offers expert knowledge in accounting, inventory, payroll, sales, and customer service. He has excelled in turning around distressed and troubled assets, and has been recognized for his outstanding work in financial, leasing, tenant relations and leading teams to success.

Rachel Johnson

Business Administrator

Rachel brings extensive and comprehensive knowledge of human resources, office administration, payables, and receivables to our team.  She possesses excellent leadership and organizational skills and ensures effectiveness of company staff and processes.  Rachel has 10+ years in administration and has won numerous awards in excellence.

Did You Know?

  • Maintenance costs are estimated to range between 15% and 40% of total production costs (Dunn, 1987; Lofsten, 2000).
  • Exterior building maintenance costs about $0.03 per square foot for industrial buildings (BOMA, 2018).
  • Running a piece of equipment to the point of failure could cost up to 10 times as much as a regular maintenance program would (Buildings.com, 2018).
  • Every $1 worth of maintenance deferred could quadruple to $4 in capital renewal costs later on (Biedenweg).

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