We offer a customized preventative maintenance program to properly maintain the building units, public areas, and mechanicals in Rochester and surrounding areas.

Commercial Unit Maintenance & Turnovers

Manage property repairs and maintenance to ensure suitable conditions for the next tenants.

Customized Building Solution

Offer computerized maintenance management software to track efficiency, productivity and quality.

Building Assessment

Evaluate the property’s mechanical systems, electrical systems, fire safety measures, accessibility, and overall building maintenance.

Electrical & Plumbing

Installation & maintenance of electrical wiring, circuit breakers, lighting and plumbing fixtures, water heaters, and related components.


Preserve the structural integrity, functionality, safety and aesthetic appeal of the property through carpentry-related maintenance.


Manage flooring upgrades, carpet shampooing, laminates, and tile work to keep floors safe, attractive, and functional throughout the property.

Exterior Work

Includes exterior maintenance work, exterior power washing, gutter care and improvements, general cleanup, and grounds enhancement.

Interior Painting

Provide interior commercial painting services for properties such as offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, or senior living spaces.

Lighting Retro

Retrofit, upgrade or replace existing lighting fixtures and systems with more energy-efficient and cost-effective alternatives.

Cost-Effective Building Maintenance Services

We can save you money

  • Increased efficiency. We produce faster results with more effective preventive maintenance, reducing overall costs.

  • Reduce Labor Costs. Only pay for facility maintenance services when you need them, reducing labor costs during periods of low maintenance activity.

  • Computerized Maintenance Management Software. We utilize these tools so you do not have to invest in them yourself, saving money on equipment purchases and ongoing maintenance.

  • Reduced Liability and Risk Management Costs. We carry insurance and are responsible for compliance with safety regulations, reducing your liability and associated costs.

  • By delegating maintenance responsibilities to us, you can allocate more resources to projects that directly contribute to your organization’s goals and profitability.




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