Advanced Facilities offers customized maintenance solutions with top-notch preventative and routine maintenance for commercial clients.

Our passion is proactive maintenance that ensures your investment appreciates. Remove the guesswork with building continuity of care for  TOTAL peace of mind.

Professional Facilities Maintenance

Your total partner in building maintenance services

Our Proven Maintenance Cost Strategies Work

  • Follow Machinery & Equipment Guidelines

  • Focus on Preventive Maintenance

  • Use Maintenance Checklists

  • Keep Detailed Reports

  • Invest in Training

  • Track costs and savings

60+ Years Experience

Cost and Budget Control
Building Appreciation
Peace of Mind

Confidence is an Advanced Facilities contract.

Caring for your investment, One building at a time.

Complex routine maintenance we simplify for ALL your short- and long-term needs.

Customized Maintenance Solutions for Commercial Properties


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